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Here's how we help you


Your MOOC Manager will allot weekly time slots personalised to your course and its prerequisites.


Get timely reminders and follow-ups on assignments & deadlines over your preferred mode of communication.


We will customise your daily tasks around your personal and professional commitments to help you complete your MOOCs successfully.


Most frequent questions and answers

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. We believe, these are by far one of the best gifts for anyone looking to improve themselves in their field of interest. Now, educators and educational resources from the world’s best institutions are available to everyone who can connect to the internet. Some MOOCs are free while others are paid. 

E-learning courses in general have an innate problem. Due to their very nature of being Massive and Open, MOOCs are also easy to get lost in. People are unable to motivate themselves to complete the course.

No, we don’t. Imagine us as your personal assistant, cheerleader and a friend who will lay the road for you, so you can achieve your goals.

You can pursue your MOOC in any of the  platforms such as UdacityCourseraedX or more. You can choose to do any of the MOOC available to you without restrictions.

We suggest using the MOOC aggregators such as MOOC-List and Class-Central to easily find the right MOOC across multiple sites for your need.

A MOOC manager will be assigned to you. They would contact you when convenient to remind and follow-up with your progress. They will customise our program to cater to your needs and play an active role helping you finish your e-learning course. They will worry about all the scheduling and deadline management so you can simply concentrate on the course and complete it successfully!

The Early Adopters Program is scheduled to start from October 15th 2018.

Choose your future with us

Early Adopter

  • 1 MOOC only
  • 1 Member only
  • Fixed Weekly Plans
  • Weekly Consultation Call

Premium Purple

  • Unlimited MOOCs
  • Upto 3 members
  • Customisable Plans
  • Unlimited Consultation Calls
  • After Office Hours Support
  • MOOC Success Manager

Who started it?

Hi, I’m Gokul and I hold couple of masters in Robotics. I have been in the field of Learning & Development in Robotics for about a decade. Also, I have been involved in start-ups all through my career and ROBOTUTE is my pre-PhD work on Intelligence Systems.

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